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Working Capital Beyond the Government Handouts

To all our readers who have not ventured into London recently, I can tell you that it’s still quiet, too quiet – well it certainly is in the Holborn area and surrounds. For a glimpse at the old life, I have wandered over to Oxford Street a couple of times to see people enjoy the shops and just hang around the street.

Our business is seeing an upturn in activity – much welcomed – also welcomed is the increased numbers of investors telling us they are open to look at opportunities in which to invest their capital.

It’s fair to say that many will concentrate on stressed and distressed businesses where they can add value as well as cash, and negotiate attractive terms for themselves. And that’s fine.

What is also true is that investors are unlikely to accept perceived high valuations, particularly for early stage businesses or unproven models. We have experienced this scenario only recently in mid-June. One of our investors offered to fully fund a client of ours, enabling the business to execute their plans for the rest of the year and beyond. The sum involved was at the upper end of six figures. Our client couldn’t agree to the terms on the table and this offer was withdrawn. We hope other investors take this up (we’re not the only firm on this case) and there is a happy ending, rather than all of us having to rue the day the client held to his original valuation.

At B&Y we’re looking to support all types of trading businesses who have an opportunity to grow in the period ahead and beyond. Many of our investors welcome a level of security and are mixing up their offering with debt and well as equity.

When you see company owners looking for more capital, please do contact us and we’ll offer a straight forward comment on whether we believe we can help or not.

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