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UK Start-Up Funding News

Browsing through the business pages last week, I was interested to learn of the volume of capital being placed into UK start-ups. We’ve always been ahead of our European cousins and this continues to be the case. What’s interesting in this year’s figures is how much capital is now coming in from overseas.

 The Times commented: Britain leads Europe in attracting venture capital investments with over $15 billion in investment to young, high growth British start-ups this year. This puts Britain behind only the United States and China. UK investors accounted for 31% of the investment, so the international community is overwhelming investing into British start-ups, this shows that the British market is attractive despite the current domestic economic struggles. 

 What is less clear is how much private investment capital is going into trading SME’s. And I’m not talking about Series A rounds where the business is technically trading but still in early stage. I’m referring to businesses with a track record looking to develop/acquire/buy-out shareholders/have a need.

 This is where our investors are most active. If you have clients who seek capital that can’t be sourced from traditional banks and ABL’s, please get in touch.

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