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Spring Update

Whilst it’s an understatement to say how strange our world of work has been over the past 12 months, we’re now seeing consistent evidence of activity levels on the rise. Good news indeed for our SME community.

Our Investors are Active
Crucially for us, investor activity is definitely back. We have a large number of high-net-worth investors currently looking for the right investment opportunities.

In fact, over the last few weeks, one of our clients, an MBI (buy & build) proposition with an ambitious management team and many good attributes besides, received two offers of funding within ten days of beginning our investor marketing. One of these offers has now been agreed. Another client, a classic turnaround opportunity of a long-standing business running on empty over the past year, has, at last count, 11 serious investors taking a close look.

Help for SMEs
For those who know us well, know that we have a long track record of raising capital quickly in urgent situations. We believe the next year or two will see many clients mirroring the earlier example; those who are Covid stressed but fundamentally have run, and will run again, successful businesses.

There will also be many businesses who cannot repay HMRC arrears on time, struggle with additional bank payments and find that their bank wants to shift their borrowing away to the independent lending market. This is fine except where there is a shortfall in the numbers. Many businesses may need an entire year to return to previous revenue levels and funding that gap may be impossible within their current facilities.

And here’s where we can help. Business owners who ARE comfortable offering an equity stake in their companies can unlock necessary capital that ensures they not only survive but have the opportunity to thrive whilst their competitors may struggle or even fall away.

We are keen to talk with anyone who has a client who may fit these parameters or simply looking for additional capital that cannot be satisfied through debt or shareholder resources.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to talk through any business situation in confidence. 

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