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Spring Update from Nick Young, MD

Welcome to our seasonal newspiece. Whilst it’s an understatement to say there is a level of uncertainty in the market at present, there are positive aspects within our sector to talk about.

We remain confident about private investor activity – the good projects will always find funding and B&Y has several equity and debt raises over the line already this year. We are also seeing an increase in turnaround projects; this is no bad thing for our market – more on this later. Finally, despite the stress in the property market, I’m pleased that so many lenders remain active. Our new loans venture, B Y Loans, is open for business and writing deals each month.

Highlighted Debt Raise

Our client is a London based, award-winning international fashion distribution business. The company contacted us to bring credit control and debtor collections back in-house and appoint a new funder who can support the next phase of growth. We raised £2.5M through a lender and are currently working on an equity raise with our network of investors.

Turnaround Funding

There is no doubt we are witnessing a level of stress that hasn’t been seen in the market for some time. We spent the first 10 years of our existence specialising in turnaround and are well placed to help companies suffering from financial pressures; many of our current clients are in turnaround mode. Contact me for a discreet chat if you know of a business owner in difficulty. We have an unmatched number of active investors in this sector.

B Y Loans

We launched B Y Loans late last year as a short term lender for businesses, and those with property assets or development projects. We are pleased to report that the business is writing an average of one loan per month, which is exactly on target. As the year unfolds, we wish to steadily increase this, doubling the size of the business year on year. 

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