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£500,000 for Social Games Publisher & Developer

As an independent creator of social gaming for the download market, our client aims to grow their operations in Wales. In the next stage of development they seek to put more of their own games out and act as a publisher to compliment their contract work.

The company is supported by the Welsh Development Authority and already employs 25 local people.  Matched funding is offered on new capital introduced, enabling them to invest more in their business and further support the Welsh economy.

The client was referred to B&Y by a trusted lender, who themselves were unable to fulfil the funding need.  We contacted a specialist lending partner in our network who was enthusiastic when we presented our client’s story.  The lender will receive a 14% annual return by backing this established business that offered both debenture and personal guarantees.

Within two weeks of approaching us, a £300,000 loan was raised to the delight of the client – actually we raised £50,000 more than the original sum sought.  Social Games Publisher will now receive another tranche of grant funding from the Welsh Development Authority enabling them to expand and develop their operations in Wales.

Since initially approaching us, we have facilitated a second round of fund raising – an additional £200,000 in capital from Chinese investors brings the total funding to £500,000. This new capital will be used to build on an existing technology in order to enter into the language learning market place with huge earning potential. It is very rewarding to see our client create such innovative learning and entertainment products for children.

Our client is thrilled to have achieved further funding, which despite being more expensive than clearing banks, was raised quickly and enables them to claim down match funding.  Most importantly they now have the working capital required for the next stage of their business growth. 

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