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Six Figure Shareholder Buyout for London Restaurant

Our client set up his street food experience in 2007, establishing a permanent site in 2012, in one of London’s busiest and most popular areas.

We were approached by the company accountant to deal with a delicate corporate matter. This being buying out the non-active founding majority shareholder in order to help the hands-on driver of the day to day business who is also a founder shareholder but in a minority. The business itself has been through its struggles and has been turned around by the dedication and skill of the minority holder.

Having been engaged to find a solution we jumped into action. In short order we found an ideal investor who not only was happy to offer full price to the outgoing shareholder, but has ensured that over the coming year the key entrepreneur will gain a controlling interest in his business.

The six-figure sum paid for the shares was not huge but not insignificant either; and we believe all parties are delighted with the outcome. 

a note from the client…

I honestly have no words to describe how grateful I am to you and your colleagues. I look forward to seeing you again soon in the restaurant where we can celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of our business.

London Restaurant Authentic Street Food Owner

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