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We have one of the longest and most successful track records of raising capital for business owners.

Most of our clients are trading businesses looking for capital to grow. Capital from private investors is normally sought when a business cannot get the funding it needs to grow from a bank or existing owners. That’s fine of course, this is where business angels, private investors and private funds come in. 

Our network of investors are looking for quality businesses to invest in. The majority of our investors are skilled, senior entrepreneurs and bring invaluable contacts and business know how. In short, they all know how to exit and create wealth!

As our market has matured over the years so has the sophistication of business owners in presenting their business to private and institutional investors. What our clients want from us is to make effective introductions to serious investors who are interested in investing in their business. That’s what we deliver.

If you are looking for funding, please do get in touch with us. We’re happy to talk through your business situation in confidence. 

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I honestly have no words to describe how grateful I am to you and your colleagues. I look forward to seeing you again soon in the restaurant where we can celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of our business.

London Restaurant Authentic Street Food Owner

We approached Beer & Young in what were, at the time, somewhat difficult circumstances. Associates were incredibly helpful from the outset and really put our minds at rest that the complex situation we found ourselves in was resolvable.

Group Chief Executive
E-liquid Business

We were steered to Beer & Young through great word of mouth. We are now funded and cannot speak highly enough of B&Y. We don’t think of B&Y as our financial facilitators, we think of them as part of our team.

online careers service

Our experience of Beer & Young shows that they have invested the time to fully understand our business needs and financial circumstances.  We would recommend them to anyone who faces business and financial challenges.  

Jewellery Business

Throughout the process B&Y were solid advisors and helped me find the clever money that I was seeking.

Leading Technical Services Provider

Thank you to the whole team at Beer & Young. You have introduced sources of funding that we could never have accessed ourselves and we are delighted with the outcome.

FinTech Stakeholder Software

I couldn’t speak more highly of my experience with B&Y. I first met Nick a few years ago having heard so many positive comments about B&Y. Once engaged with them, I was impressed by the diligence of their work and of course the interest they generated from genuine investors.

Special Interest Publishing

We were delighted to receive a number of offers of funding and we are thrilled with the investor we have chosen. We could not have asked more from B&Y and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

Credit Improver

I cannot express enough of my gratitude to you and your team in our hour of need. I am happy to recommend B&Y to any business owner feeling the pressure we did. 

Property Group

Beer & Young clearly do have an active network of investors who put money into turnaround situations.  Thank you to everyone at Beer & Young who helped us through this process. This is exactly what we needed to move our company forward.

Electronic Manufacturer

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