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£100,000 raised for Luxury Cosmetics

Our client has been fast-tracked to launch a new line of cosmetics by a digital-TV shopping retail conglomerate with a reputation for recognising what it takes to build a successful brand. Luxury Cosmetics’ product range is unique – their high quality, affordable yet glamorous range simply does not exist anywhere else. The brand has also been finding constant traction at a public level from a host of celebrities and media reporters that critique the sector.

With an opportunity to showcase their brand on this popular television network, they needed significant stock on hand to fill potential product orders. Average sales from a one-hour show on the network range from £45,000 to £75,000.

Our client needed working capital but their funds were tied up in a property investment that their bank would not re-finance. Having already received an offer from a formidable businessman, Luxury Cosmetics approached B&Y to find better terms.

We started work straight away, contacting our shortlist of investors we knew favoured the retail sector. A number of investors were interested in our client’s story and one clearly stood out. We arranged a meeting for this particular investor and the client in Dublin and there was great report from the outset. After a series of meetings, we were able to negotiate a deal that resulted in our investor investing £100,000 in new capital into the business on terms that work well for our client. The investor also has significant retail experience himself that he brings to the table.

With this funding, Luxury Cosmetics is succeeding in its home territory and now aims to transfer its growing brand to the USA giving it the potential to multiply profits up to 10 times.

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