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June Newsletter

Manufacturer & worldwide supplier of specialist Ablution products.

B&Y have been engaged to find investment, with a view that investors – whether corporate or private will look to buy the business outright over the next few years.

Our client is the market leader in this field and achieved numerous accolades over the years. It is though considered a specialist area in terms of volume requirement for washing appliances. For example, if you build or renovate a hotel, every bedroom will require a new bathroom suite. The same hotel will happily instal our client’s Ablution products close to prayer areas and maybe several more in other areas of the hotel. But still a small number in comparison to the overall number of bathroom suites and washbasins.

We have an increasing reach with investors within the Gulf Countries (GCC Countries). We used our connections to make introductions to our client firstly with a view to finding worthy distributors and secondly that along the line one of these businesses will make an outright purchase of our client.

We’re delighted to confirm that contracts were signed last week for exclusive distribution agreements across Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. All parties anticipate that our client will soon achieve significant growth in volumes leading to increased value for shareholders.

Our colleague John Cowper comments: I’m so pleased for our client who having developed a best of breed business, has been hindered by external UK & global factors beyond his control. These new agreements enable the business once again to drive forwards and achieve high levels of growth.

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