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January Newsletter

Ever the optimist, I am expecting confidence to return to our market in 2023. Basic economic stability and encouragement that key items such as inflation having now peaked, should encourage investors to come to the table again. 

There’s no doubt there’s a need for cash for those businesses struggling with the consequences of last year and beyond.  Cashflow pressures are not always resolved through increased borrowing, and additional shareholder investment is not always available. Increased trading is great but needs the cash input to fuel it.

Investors in the B&Y network like these situations. It gives them the chance to make a difference with their capital, in situations where the fundamentals of the business have been proven.

Whether your business is continuing to grow but needs further funding rounds to reach profit or has a history of profits, but these have been eaten up through the past few years, our message is clear; Beer & Young are here to help you find urgent/growth capital and find it quickly.

“Good Cashflow is the lifeblood of all SME’s. If your clients are experiencing cashflow problems, please get in touch.”

Case Study

It was identified that without new capital our client would have to start the insolvency process, which would have meant significant bad debt provision for the bank some of which would have fallen back to the directors via pg’s..

The business had Bank debt of £2.2m with a pressing HMRC debt of £750k, a negative balance sheet of £400k, and over a hundred jobs at risk.

This is what we and our client achieved:

  • We generated interest from five well qualified and serious investors within 14 days of take-on
  • Generated two offers of funding within 21 days
  • £750k of new investment injected into the company within 40 working days
  • All jobs were saved
  • No bad debt, or call to directors pg’s
  • Positive balance sheet of over £1 million after investment & write off of deferred consideration

We are delighted that the company has a much stronger financial platform from which to move forward.

“I would like to thank Beer & Young for all their professional efforts in securing the additional equity for our Company and for the contribution they made in saving the jobs of our employees.”

– SP, Managing Director

New Partnerships

Initiatives for 2023 include promoting professional colleagues with whom we have formed partnerships; most likely these will involve long standing business relationships we those companies and individuals with a superb track for delivery.

Today we’d like to introduce Graham Moorcraft at EFT Finance Ltd. EFT provide the best possible lending solutions to suit all SME’s.

Graham comments: “2023 will be a challenging time for all sectors of business with increased pressure of inflation and increased costs. With the withdrawal of Government support Covid schemes, even more than ever Companies will require the support of external lenders as High Street Banks become less supportive.

EFT is a long established FCA accredited Finance broker that provides all types of debt and have been working for many years with over 60 lenders to provide such arrangements to their clients and customers. They provide funding for all types of businesses and borrowing without limits.

Asset finance, Commercial or residential Mortgages (including bridging), Invoice discounting as well as refinancing of existing debt for better terms via ABL funding, are all areas of expertise on which we can deliver.”

Contact Graham Moorcraft on 07775 852 184


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