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January 2022

Welcome back!

It’s far too late to shout about the new year, but it’s definitely worth celebrating a return to the workplace and a commitment by the Government that business activity and lifestyles pre pandemic are to be encouraged. Business owners can plan with confidence, and investors likewise can take confidence in the certainty of continuous trading environments. Even global supply chains are returning to a good place.

Like many niche sectors, our model suffered in the past two years. Not surprisingly investors were cautious and whilst – as a rule – they continued to look at good investment opportunities, few were persuaded to close out on these.

And so, we are really pleased to report that this month we have seen three client completions by raising capital from our investors. Yes, a bit like London buses!

Two of these clients are early stage businesses and we’ll continue to support them in the months ahead; the third is an acquisition led by a dynamic team and backed by two investors. We’ll offer detailed case studies in the weeks ahead.

On a personal level it’s great to be networking again with purpose – I’m always keen to talk with anyone who is in our space and of course, entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for capital. We are sector agnostic and help businesses across the UK.

Please do contact me if you want to chat and/or have a business proposal you want to run by me.

Nick Young, Director

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