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Gavin Heys…from SME Client to B&Y Managing Director (Private Equity)

Since being appointed Managing Director of Private Equity at B&Y in April 2017, Gavin has been busy meeting with prospective clients and industry peers, as well as working much more closely with the B&Y team.

Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, he brings with him the client perspective…

“I first came across B&Y nine years ago when I was the MD of a VC backed foods business in distress. As with many B&Y clients, we had a really urgent working capital need, in our case following the triple whammy of commodity price surge, falling sterling and credit crunch. B&Y connected us with ten investors, of whom three made serious offers to invest. A serious effort on their behalf.

Having completed the restructure, I knocked at Nick’s door four years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history. Coming from this background, where emergency working capital saved my company, I am very conscious of the responsibility we have towards all our clients to do the very best we can to help them with a successful fundraise – be it for urgent turnaround, immediate working capital to support increased business, trade finance, or larger, more structured lending requirements.

Whilst B&Y is not always successful for every single client, we have traded continuously since 1998 because of our positive results, and the name we have built in the marketplace for getting deals done at the smaller end of the UK’s SME market. I look forward to working with you all – Investors, Introducers and Clients – in order to grow the B&Y business.”

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