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Forex Trading Platform Kwanji is now at 123% of their funding campaign

Our client, Kwanji, a forex trading portal which provides the options of ‘best prices’ (i.e. lowest costs) for forex transfers on a global basis, is offering a 20% of fees-earned by the company as an introduction fee to its ‘Affiliates’ – namely, those people who have registered with them who have brought business to the company in the form of companies who actively use the portal.

There have been several exciting developments for our client Kwanji since the autumn. Two of our investors came on board, one a World Bank Senior Executive, injecting capital and taking an active role in business development. With our investors supporting the lead investor, Kwanji was able to successfully raise £496,682 in an oversubscribed crowd funding round from 56 investors. They are now rapidly rolling out their Forex Payment Platform, which provides SMEs access to a comparison panel of major forex payment traders, providing fee savings versus local banks (especially in the Third World).

Our ‘ideal’ investor is the one who “adds more than money” to the business and in the instance of Kwanji this is very evident with both of them engineering a welter of new customers, improving access procedures, introducing a world-level new trader, while also streamlining the efficiencies of how the business is run. Their inclusion attracted two additional investors from the B&Y network.

Most recently Kwanji has partnered with the Global Management Challenge (GMC) in Kenya, “the world’s largest management and strategy competition”, to support their competitors with access to international trade experts and to provide financial services for SMEs. This dynamic new company is shaping up to be the emerging market B2B payment specialist of choice. 

Kwanji is now at 123% of their equity funding campaign but remain open for additional investment for a short time. If you are interested please contact John Cowper – we’ll tell you more and ensure you, or your clients, are dealt with in a professional manner.

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