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£100,000 for Corporate Chauffeur & Transportation

Corporate Chauffeur & Transportation is a new luxury grand transport service set to open in St. Pancras Station. The company has signed a contract with HS1 for the rights to build and operate an open-plan chauffeur service desk within the station. This will give the company a highly visible position and be an added convenience to customers who arrive on HS1 or Eurostar and wish to book transportation.

The client had a carefully constructed business plan but could not achieve bank funding due to a previous business venture and approached B&Y for help. We stepped in to help, encouraging the company and coaching them on the most effective way to communicate their business plan.

A number of investors showed interest. As often happens with private investor funding, one investor stood above the others and offered to fund the business in full. Within 6 weeks the transaction was completed with £100,000 being invested into the business. B&Y were instrumental in advising and connecting the company to the right angel investor.  We are proud to help such promising company achieve funding and expect great things from this relationship.

a note from the client…

We are delighted to have worked with B&Y. They gave us sound advice from the start and put us in front of a keen group of investors in the matter of weeks. We rapidly agreed to terms with a single investor who is providing all the capital we need to move our company forward. B&Y’s approach was both professional and down-to-earth. It made our financing issues more straightforward than we had imagined. We are very happy to recommend B&Y to any company in need of funding.

Corporate Chauffeur & Transportation

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