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Business Sale for Automotive Recruitment Services

The recruitment division is now a perfect complementary addition to our investors existing spectrum of general automotive service.  

Our client has steadily grown their business each year as a specialist recruitment provider for the automotive industry.  Nearly doubling in size since 2009 and with turnover of almost £20million, our client has multiple contract placements to some of the largest automotive companies in the world.  

The private equity firm that owned the group was seeking to sell the recruitment division in order to better align their other business divisions and facilitate a second sale.  Recruitment by nature is a high volume, low margin business but we knew our clients’ consistently profitable niche service would have real appeal to our investor network.

We introduced a number of investors in rapid time – two British and one international – and delivered two offers of funding.  We identified our best-matched investor right away; an American corporation who attended a meeting with our client in UK followed up with two series of due diligence. The offer was accepted within our clients’ timeline and the investor is delighted with the purchase.  The recruitment division offers a perfect complementary addition to their existing spectrum of general automotive service.  

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