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Autumn Newsletter

Well, it’s definitely Autumn now that the clocks have gone back. And cold for those of us hitting the 7am trains into Waterloo. That’s not every day I hasten to add!

We are seeing a variety of entrepreneurs approach us for equity funding to develop their businesses, which is great. Tech companies run by very clever and able people looking to make a positive difference in the years and decades ahead. I’m moved to share one sector which is about drones and air taxis – or Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Vertiports are the landing sites, which can be located virtually anywhere. Take a quick look at these industry reports from UKRI and EASA – fascinating stuff even for a technophobe like myself!

Elsewhere in our world we’re seeing some stressed businesses but not as many as we would have expected by now.  As ever, we are happy to look at funding solutions for a business at any stage, whether early, development, stressed or turnaround.

It is clear is that we will see plenty of business in the years ahead, hence my recruitment request below. 

Recruitment Opportunity

We are looking to grow our team of Associates, who handle fundraising assignments. The role is perfect for those who enjoy a portfolio-type career. While we have a central London head office, the position can be home-based and we are searching for candidates in Southern England and the Midlands.

Associates are tasked with the role of working with clients and investors to introduce investment to the client company. We always act for the business/entrepreneurs looking for capital. Earnings vary and it goes without saying that it can be financial rewarding.  Please do pass this on to anyone who you feel may be suitable and interested, and contact me for more information.

Clients Seeking Capital?

We are keen to talk with anyone who has a client looking for urgent or additional capital. We welcome the opportunity to meeting face-to-face, talking through any business situation in confidence. Zoom/Teams is fine too and still seems the preferred method.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a discreet chat if you know of a business owner in difficulty. We have an unmatched number of active investors in this sector.

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