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Autumn Newsletter 2022

There’s a welcome back to school feel in our office this week. After the longest of summers and the very sad news from last Thursday, it’s good to spend time solely focused on work and business matters.

In addition to our fund-raising assignments, we have been undertaking some hands-on advisory work, mostly for businesses in turnaround mode, and where investment may be out of reach or just not the right time for the business owners.

We have one such case below which we feel is worth highlighting.

UK Robotics, Automation, Integration and Ingenuity

A well-established Robotics and Systems Integrator company with a wealth of patented products and a strong sales pipeline approached us in April this year, to source turnaround funding after a dismal Pandemic experience. Formed over 20 years ago, the business has a reputation for groundbreaking automation solutions with an impressive list of blue-chip customers.

We soon generated serious interest from a number of investors within our network. However, it became obvious that with numerous internal challenges in addition to the financial ones presented, the owner would struggle to retain any future value by accepting external investment.

We agreed at that point that our colleague Simon Donegan would take a hands-on role for a short period of time to effect some stability & internal change. After which the company will be able to trade its way through and then either seek additional investment or look for a retirement sale.

Over the course of the summer months Simon and the founder have

re-energised the staff, re-focused business practices, dealt with creditors, and crucially brought home some significant contract wins. Critical investment was introduced by the founder himself.

We leave the company in a better place than when we started, and whilst we live and breathe for investment solutions, it’s extremely pleasing to have been able to help this company through their worst period and give them a proper chance to trade through.

The founder and CEO commented.​

“I would like to thank Beer & Young; this has been a very successful consultancy project undertaken. There is no doubt that Simon has had a huge impact on the business in a very short period of time

re-energising not just all the staff but also myself personally for which I am very grateful.

We have now passed through some major hurdles to a point at which we now find ourselves with a clear route through our difficulties. We have secured a major contract worth £3.2M and one other company where the project value over 10 years is circa £60M.”

AL, Founder & CEO

Our associate Simon commented.

“This was a major challenge for me. It succeeded because our client recognised he needed help and was willing to take advice. This collective approach was crucial; I believe they now have a very bright future and wish them well.”

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