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£100,000 in Financing for Artificial Intelligence Company

Joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation – Emotion Cube will show you how you feel!  Emotion Cube is the world’s first AI device that can respond to factual questioning and engage in a two-way conversation. The cube can ‘feel’ your primary emotions and become your mood enhancer, helping you to remain productive, focused and positive.

Our client approached us in need of working capital. He was selling his first batch of orders and needed funding to continue to deliver on existing orders. Sales for the year were running at more than double forecast but the sales activity had been suspended owing to lack of funds.

Our client wanted to find an investor who could add strategic value to the business, shape the sales and marketing strategy and outline a clear route to market with an aim to build the company for an exit in 3 to 5 years time.

With our connections we knew we could find just the right investor to fill this need. There are no direct competitors to Emotion Cube, as no other company has the equivalent functionality.   Emotion Cube’s unique capability with the emotion processor and emotional sharing places it in a class of its own.   We coached the client on how to best communicate the product features and helped them present this to a shortlist of suitable investors.

We found a bespoke investor who is excited by the intellectual property aspect of this investment. The investor is well connected in the fund raising game and has access to further financing through his contacts. He is now working to develop a marketing strategy, enabling the client to focus on their specialty, the technology, and better direct the team.

Our negotiations on behalf of the client have resulted in an outcome that both parties were pleased with. Now the client has the necessary capital to deliver the orders and an investor on board who can help move the business forward.

a note from the client…

Our banker put us in touch with Beer & Young when we needed funding for our business. We were immediately impressed by their background knowledge and could see they were easy to work with. We were very pleased when they introduced us to an investor who has a keen interest in our particular technology. It is exciting for us to have the chance to further develop our product in this niche consumer IT market.  A big thank you to Jackson Ellis at B&Y for all his advice and support during our fund raising.

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Emotion Cube

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