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Are your client’s suffering cash pressures?

This week we thought we would highlight the pressures of cashflow and solution when operating under constant cash constraints.

We are often asked to help companies who have a need for cash, and quickly. Much of the time the need centres around funding for business recovery or for opportunities and orders which cannot be processed due to cash constraints. Sometimes, businesses are simply running out of cash and need support.

For over 25 years now we have delivered solutions for business owners in these situations. We have a mature network of investors who are looking for good businesses to invest in. Private lenders who help here too without seeking equity are another option.

We understand that time is critical. Capital is often raised within that crucial window of four to six weeks. For those who have worked with us over the years, we are clear that we never overstep the boundaries of other professional service providers.

This piece has been prompted as a reminder that solutions do exist for businesses who are facing an uncertain future. There has been more news around insolvencies – regular insolvencies are on the up again this August, with a 19% increase since August 2022.

Our view is that a positive solution exists for most businesses in need of capital. The answer may not always be a straightforward investment of £x, but it will involve new money and freeing up of cash pressure.


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