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£1.5m Investment for Anaerobic Digestion Systems

One of the most challenging issues facing our growing population is the depletion of energy resources and generation of waste. The high processing costs for organic waste and increasing legislative boundaries restricting landfill are generating challenges for industries and communities.

Our client provides a site-based solution that utilises the energy contained within organic waste for industries such as: food processing, fast-food outlets, supermarkets, housing estates, remote communities, livestock and arable farming, fish farms, hotels, hospitals etc. A Bio-Refinery only requires the smallest of footprints due to its efficiency – the first true onsite solution. The resulting energies produced can be converted back into electricity, heat or fuel gas.

Having perfected small scale anaerobic digestion systems, our client was formed from a number of businesses into which hydrogen based renewable energy is their core specialisation. A number of significant orders were placed by major customers, some of these with 15-20 year terms.

Having invested six figure sums of their own money, the management team approached Beer & Young for development capital. We undertook an evaluation exercise alongside management to determine how much was needed, what milestones would be achieved with said amount of capital and what level of equity dilution was necessary.

We constructed a carefully worded Executive Summary with supporting information and shortlisted a number of investors. Several investors came forward and one stood out clearly from the pack. Following second round meetings, our investor offered to inject £1.5 million in ordinary shares, for exactly 25% of the company. This investor brings knowledge and experience of the food sector in addition to his capital. Further funding may be offered too as new milestones are reached.

Everyone at B&Y is delighted to have been involved in this project. We’ve demonstrated our ability to raise capital in this specialist sector for a high growth business.

a note from the client…

We would like to express our thanks for raising the capital needed to further develop our business. The team at B&Y demonstrated the skills and experience it takes to deliver serious investors and more so lead the investor all the way through the investment process to completion. No mean feat when you consider how high the stakes were and that the investment was circa £1.5 million from a single private investor.


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