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A Note from Gavin Heys – Seeking HNW Investors to Join our Network

B&Y have helped provide investment capital for UK SMEs for almost twenty years now, and remain leaders in the field. We have worked through the dotcom bubble, the financial crisis and the crowdfunding trend of the last years, and we remain true to our core principle of providing our registered HNW investors with a broad range of investment opportunities in the £150k – £2.5m range.

These vary by stage – turnaround, growth and early stage – and sector – from light manufacturing to recruitment, from fintech to property.

We are always looking to expand our network of HNW Investors, and twenty years on is no exception. So, call to action….if there is anyone in your professional or investment network who you believe would like to see a regular stream of interesting and good quality investment opportunities, please forward this note to them.

I very much look forward to bringing you new projects in the coming months, and in the meantime, if you’d like to connect, I’d welcome the conversation.

All the best,


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