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£600,000 in Capital Raised for Military Music Festival

The Military Music Festival is a new event planned for August 2015 as a celebratory entertainment festival for members of the UK Armed Forces, ex-forces, family, friends and patriotic members of the public.

It is the brainchild of the owner, himself an ex Royal Marine, who has been developing this new concept for several years to bring military celebrations to this underserviced segment of the market. We knew this unique opportunity would appeal to many of our investors having not only the support of Military personnel both past and present but also confirmed bookings and commitment from the highest levels in the Army, Navy and RAF. All that was missing was the funding to bring the event to fruition.

The owner approached us in the autumn seeking to raise capital by the end of 2014. The event needed funding quickly if it was to go ahead, otherwise it would be pushed back until 2016. We jumped into action, coached the owner on how best to present his business case and put him in front of an audience of 50 select investors within rapid time. As we expected, investors were excited when they learned the project offered potential pre-tax profits of £4M.

A number of interested parties came forward immediately with syndicated offers. We knew we could do better for our client and instead found a single investor who has funded the project in full. Our investor had successfully invested in a B&Y client in the past and was keen to fund another quality client. The festival is now on schedule to open this summer and the client and investor are discussing making it an annual event as well as the prospects of expanding internationally.

We are proud to have raised funds for an event that gives something back to those men and women who currently serve or who have served our country. It is a festival they can call their own – a thank you for their sacrifices for the freedom of Britain today.

a note from the client…

The prospect of finding investment for an idea created simply in my mind was very daunting. My bank put me on to the Business Angels Association which is where I found Beer & Young. From the start, I was coached by them to give the right information and the right attitude to those with the capacity to invest. Just weeks later B&Y found a single investor who is now my business partner. We are extremely hopeful and excited for the future.

NS, Director
Military Music Festival

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